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Dean Benard, RN, BA, LL.M, C. Med
22 September 2015

Lately I have been giving a lot of thought to what it is that makes us great and what separates our company from others. More importantly, I have been struggling to figure out how to tactfully point this out without sounding egotistical or boastful. After all, I want people to respect us and to want to work with us.

Then it hit me – Donald Trump!

Donald Trump has spent the last several months demonstrating his enormous capacity for speaking positive...

14 September 2015

The weather was stormy, but that didn’t prevent Mayor Mike Savage and local regulatory professionals from attending Benard + Associates #HalifaxGrandOpening on Thursday September 10, 201...

Dean Benard, RN, BA, LL.M, C. Med
26 August 2015

The use of surveillance is common in some areas of investigative work, while in other areas it has not been relied upon as heavily. There has been controversy over its use and as a result there is no shortage of case law where the issues of surveillance and the manner in...

Dean Benard
16 June 2015

Investigators must always be vigilant on the issue of confidentiality. It is often necessary to share information that some might suggest is confidential, but to complete an interview or gather relevant documentation investigators may need to share some information. Providing inappropriate information abou...

Dean Benard
26 May 2015

Over the years I have had many interesting discussions on the advantages and potential disadvantages of recording investigative interviews. I have tried to look at all sides of the issue and have written about topic in the past. I thought it was about time I revisit this topic and make a case for recording.


Amy Shillington
19 May 2015

Locating people of interest (sometimes referred to as “Skip Tracing"), is an investigative technique skilled investigators use to locate an individual for various reasons and purposes. The investigators at Benard + Associates have the experience and expertise to locate people in all situations. This service is requested daily by our regulatory clients and lawyers.

The reason...

Courtney Campbell
21 April 2015

Delay, procedural inefficiencies, and escalation of costs are the obstacles Discipline Committees must deal with in adjudicating the matters brought before them.  Many ...

Courtney Campbell
14 April 2015

Members/registrants appearing before a Discipline or Fitness to Practi...

Brent Davis, The Waterloo Region Record
8 April 2015

WATERLOO — Dean Benard and his colleagues are private eyes.

So it's all stakeouts and surveillance, disguises and dark alleys?

Once in a while, perhaps.

But more often than not, a typical day involves interviews, research and paperwork. Lots of paperwork. 


Courtney Campbell
7 April 2015

The case of D’Mello v. The Law Society of Upper Canada was released by the Ontario Court of Appeal on December 22, 2014 and deals with the thorny issue of privilege as it applies to regulatory investigations, where a lawyer who was the subject of such an investigation commenced a defamation action against his regulatory body. The respondents successfully brought a summary judgment motion in the Super...

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