10 January 2011
On April 27, 2011 Dean will be speaking on the topic of undertaking regulatory investigations and gathering evidence at the 15th Annual Professional Regulation and Discipline Conference held by Infonex.    Dean has investigated hundreds of matters involving allegations of professional misconduct, harassment, and discrimination. We are frequently asked to speak at educational conferences...
29 November 2010
This article demonstrates some of the fundamental challenges faced by regulators to stay relevant. Some provinces are ahead of BC while others struggle to establish themselves and build the confidence of the public. The challenge faced by any regulator is to ensure their processes are fundamentally fair and unbiased. Most people can live with any outcome as long as it was reached through a process...
18 November 2010
Well here we are with a new look, new branding, new Website and new blog! Now what? I mean I never had a blog before and I'm not sure what I should say. Don't get me wrong, I am never at a loss for opinions or words to express them but it's important I convey useful and helpful information. As a result you won't see daily blog entries from me. I will blog when I find something important to say. Im...
12 November 2010
More and more we are reading about harassment and workplace violence. In Ontario with the Bill 168 revisions to The Occupational Health and Safety Act we are moving forward in a positive way to aggressively deal with this fundamental challenge to safe and harmonious workplace. It is nice to see other Provinces moving in this direction.
STANDARDS & COMPLIANCE résumé SPRING 2008 College of Dietitians of Ontario
15 April 2008
Many dietitians have asked the College, "How does an investigation into a member's conduct get started and what does the process entail?" Investigations can be initiated in two ways: 1) by the Complaints Committee following a complaint to the College about a member and 2) by the Registrar & Executive Director (ED) when she receives information through a mandatory report or other means and as a...


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