Dean Benard
26 May 2015
Over the years I have had many interesting discussions on the advantages and potential disadvantages of recording investigative interviews. I have tried to look at all sides of the issue and have written about topic in the past. I thought it was about time I revisit this topic and make a case for recording. Let’s consider a scenario as follows: An investigator is conducting an interview with a wi...
Amy Shillington
19 May 2015
Locating people of interest (sometimes referred to as “Skip Tracing"), is an investigative technique skilled investigators use to locate an individual for various reasons and purposes. The investigators at Benard + Associates have the experience and expertise to locate people in all situations. This service is requested daily by our regulatory clients and lawyers. The reasons clients request a loc...
Sarah Marceau
12 May 2015
Members of the public generally know that if they feel someone has acted criminally, including causing them personal harm, they can make a report to the police, or in some cases even take legal action against that individual. However, other options are also available when those concerns pertain to members of a regulated profession. Regulators are responsible for protecting the public interest...
Dean Benard
5 May 2015
When interviewing, investigators should keep these key tips in mind: Build rapport with the Interviewee: Interview subjects will cooperate and be more useful when they are relaxed and comfortable with the interviewer. Go from general to specific: Allow the interviewee to tell his or her story in full; then funnel down to clarify by asking more specific questions. Assist interview subjects with re...
Sarah Marceau
28 April 2015
As a workplace investigator I am often asked to look into complaints of alleged harassment that stem from performance management issues. Employees who do not recognize their own performance deficiencies, or resent managerial intervention, can sometimes perceive reasonable and fair actions as harassing. On the flipside, if not handled in a fair and professional manner, managerial actions to address...


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