Month: June 2011


Posted on June 24, 2011 by Dean Benard
Check out the latest issue of FactFinders. In this edition we offer some internet tips and tricks for investigators and provide news about Benard + Associates new Ottawa office and our educational offerings. Our goal in publishing our newsletter is to to offer some ideas and thoughts to our clients and colleagues that will promote thought and discussion about the work we do.....and of course self promotion!
Posted on June 1, 2011 by Dean Benard
I'm a little late with this one but I wanted to send out a thank you to the Ontario Centre for Forensic Science (CFS). On May 3, 2011 Benard + Associates sponsored an educational event for our regulatory clients. CFS very kindly provided two excellent educational seminars on document analysis and DNA. The feedback on the presentations and the event on the whole was excellent. There are many ways in which forensic science can aid in regulatory investigations and Benard + Associates has been a leader in introducing and encouraging its use where appropriate.