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New Services Offered by Benard + Associates

Posted - March 30, 2015

As we have been operating for over ten years and have worked with many different regulators, we observed that there is a need for support in the area of hearings. All regulatory bodies must conduct hearings from time to time and they have an obligation to ensure fair, consistent, reliable, and transparent processes.

Our newest member of the team, Courtney Campbell is our hearings support consultant. Courtney works with our regulatory clients by performing an assessment that assists in determining the greatest risks they face and the best opportunities for optimizing processes and knowledge. Once the best approach is determined and approved, we implement targeted projects and solutions in the areas of prosecution liaison support, hearings liaison support, education for panel members and or staff, and case assistance for specific matters including discipline and fitness to practise matters. 

To learn more please click here or contact Courtney Campbell directly