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Locating People of Interest (Skip Tracing/Locates)

Posted - May 19, 2015

Locating people of interest (sometimes referred to as “Skip Tracing“), is an investigative technique skilled investigators use to locate an individual for various reasons and purposes. The investigators at Benard + Associates have the experience and expertise to locate people in all situations. This service is requested daily by our regulatory clients and lawyers.

The reasons clients request a locate on an individual varies and can include: locating a witness to assist in an ongoing investigation, locating a subject to serve them legal documents, locating a former client, locating a member or registrant of a College who is not responding to correspondence, locating a debtor, and even locating missing persons.  When a locate is required, the subject has either intentionally or unintentionally made himself or herself difficult to be located. There are even websites that teach an individual how to “hide from a skip tracer”; however, an experienced and skilled investigator will have many methods to successfully find people of interest, even those who do not want to found.

In order to locate subjects of interest, investigators attempt to  obtain all available information from a variety of  sources including online databases, court records, and conducting discreet inquiries such as telephone calls and interviews of known associates. We ensure that the location of the subject is verified prior to providing our clients with the subject’s address.

Benard + Associates has provided locate / skip tracing services to many organizations including regulatory bodies, law firms, insurance companies, corporations, and government agencies. This has assisted our clients in their investigations, judicial proceedings, and debt collections. Benard + Associates success rate is currently 95%.

In order to proceed with a locate / skip trace, we require the subject’s first and last name and either their date of birth or last known address. Of course, any additional information and identifiers, such as names of friends, family, and employment and education, is always helpful. If only an individual’s name is known, we still might be able to conduct the trace as long as we have some sort of information to tie that individual back to.

Locating people can be difficult and tedious work and we employ a large number of techniques to achieve success.

Benard + Associates has the staff and resources in place to continue provide efficient services used by law firms, regulatory bodies and corporations that deliver results needed to locate a person of interest. Learn more about our locate services today.