CNAR Conference 2022 – Ensuring Investigative Processes are Trauma Informed

October 24 to 26, 2022


Regardless of the profession there are incidents that happen and result in unintentional consequences. The repercussions of such events can have devastating impacts on all those involved, including the professional. This presentation looks to examine the ways in which regulators must balance the needs of all involved, as an investigation process unfolds. A bridge collapses, a hospitalized patient dies from a medication error, a police officer shoots and kills a teenage boy, all of these are horrific incidents that must be survived by everyone involved.   This session will present a first-hand account of one of these events and discuss the impacts of the event and the long-standing traumatic aftermath for those involved. Following this, we will breakdown the approach that should be taken to ensure investigative fairness for all, and the use of Trauma Informed Practices that ensure psychological health and safety.

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