Investigations for HR Professionals


September 21 & 22, 2022
12:00 PM to 3:30 PM EST (both days)
Unit J, Cambridge, Ontario.

This is our most popular workshop, and we have adapted it to take place online, over two half days. This workshop will be of interest to Human Resources Professionals with responsibility for conducting or overseeing internal investigations related to allegations of harassment, bullying, discrimination, or general code of conduct concerns. There are no prerequisites required for this program, it will provide a strong foundation for anyone who has the need to enhance their knowledge and skills for workplace investigations. All too often relatively minor situations are not investigated and dealt with appropriately, leaving them to grow into complex and difficult problems that are not easily resolved. In some cases, investigations are undertaken but key elements of the body of evidence are often missed, or not pursued. Building capacity to plan and conduct effective workplace investigations is imperative so organizations can make decisions on what action to take, and meet their legislated obligations. 

The objectives of this program will be for participants to have a foundation of knowledge, and the skills to perform a workplace investigation competently. These include:

  • Planning – understand the investigation scope and create your blueprint
  • Interviewing – learn actual skills and tools, not templates
  • Analysis of information – how to zero in on what is important
  • Assessing credibility – managing those “he said, she said” scenarios
  • Drawing conclusions – how to use the evidence to support findings
  • Report writing – create a product that stands up to scrutiny

Every attendee will receive a complimentary copy of Dean Benard’s book, “Investigation Essentials, A Practical Guide to Conducting Investigations”.

LOCATION: The comfort of your own home / office (online via Zoom)
COST: $399.00 + HST