Writing Clear and Defensible Investigation Reports


October 13, 2022
12:00 PM to 3:30 PM EST

In this half day program participants will learn the key components to writing investigation reports. We say defensible, because it is the report of every investigation that reflects the quality of the investigative process and the professionalism of the investigator. Questions regarding completeness, accuracy, process, and even the presence of any bias, will be gleaned from the investigation report. Being aware of structure, organization, and language in reports is key to producing one that will stand up to the inevitable scrutiny it will receive. This program will cover:

  • Framing of allegations
  • recounting the information gathered through documentary, physical, and statement evidence
  • Appropriate organization and structure
  • Choosing your language carefully
  • Ensuring readability for those who have the pleasure of reading your reports
  • Articulating credibility assessments and conclusions that are evidence based 

LOCATION: The comfort of your own home / office (online)
COST: 350.00 + HST