Our coaching division was developed to address a need for ongoing support and guidance that many of our clients ask for.

We have taken modern coaching methodologies and adapted them so we can provide support and guidance virtually anywhere in the world.

Investigation Coaching and Mentoring

There are many courses and programs people can take to learn about investigations. However, the real education begins as people practice, and experience the real world of investigations. We fill that gap by assisting you with planning, advice to overcome obstacles, reviewing reports, and more. We have helped create some amazing investigators, why not you or a member of your staff?


HR Coaching + Consulting

Many of our clients do not have dedicated HR management and discover they are in need of assistance with things such as HR policy development and implementation; workplace culture change; employee relations; organizational design and structure; and many other key HR responsibilities. We offer solutions to not only provide policy but work with our clients to ensure they are ready and able to implement and manage the policies moving forward.  


Leadership Coaching

Leadership or what people perceive as a good leader is a difficult target to hit. We have over 100 years of leadership experience on our team and we use that experience daily as we assist young leaders or those who need to shift their approach to be successful in their role.


Industries We Work With

Professional Regulators

Healthcare Institutions

Law Firms

Educational Institutions

Municipal and Provincial Governments


Service Industries

Utility Companies

Law Enforcement Agencies