Investigation Coaching + Mentoring

Investigators at all levels can at times run into challenges and issues they are not familiar with. The two day course does not prepare everyone to effectively and confidently manage all situations. There are times when an investigator or an organization could benefit from an “investigation coach”. The guidance of an experienced investigation coach can have a massive impact on the outcome of an investigation.

Often, after we teach investigation programs, we receive requests for additional case specific support. This program is designed to meet that need by providing ongoing coaching that assists the investigator to grow and develop confidence, competence, and efficiency. Whether it be assisting them to develop a complex investigation plan, manage an obstacle to collecting information, or reviewing a report, we are there to help. Some organizations have staff they would like to conduct investigations but they lack the experience to confidently tackle the case. Hiring an external investigator may not be financially feasible. An “investigation coach” may be the best solution.

Industries We Work With

Professional Regulators

Healthcare Institutions

Law Firms

Educational Institutions

Municipal and Provincial Governments


Service Industries

Utility Companies

Law Enforcement Agencies