Often when people think about mediation they see three people in a room with two of them arguing and the third person trying to keep the peace. While this scenario is possible, our vision of mediation is far more civilized. Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process where parties in dispute work with a neutral third party (mediator) to resolve their issues. The focus is on communication and assisting the people in dispute to develop THEIR solution. The mediator is there to facilitate that process.

Conflict and disputes are inevitable and the role of a mediator is, quite simply, to help people express their views as well as hear and understand the views of others. Mediation is voluntary and people are not forced to engage in mediation. However, those who choose this option have greater control and input to their process. It isn’t appropriate in all cases, but when it is, great outcomes are possible. We have assisted hundreds of people to engage in the mediation process successfully. In the end it is not about measuring success by an agreed resolution. It is about people engaging in a process that they own, they work through, and they believe in. In most cases people do not want to be told what to do. Sometimes they just need a little guidance and support to get there themselves.

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