Workplace Restoration / Team Building

Benard + Associates provides workplace restoration and team building services to many clients from a diverse cross section of workplace settings. The intent of workplace restoration services is to:

  • Assist teams in identifying and building on their strengths
  • Help them manage workplace challenges in a manner that creates positivity and growth
  • Develop or restore respectful workplace relationships

The above is done with a view to improving workplace harmony and promoting enhanced efficiency and productivity. Our services include:

  • Workplace assessments
  • Conflict resolution
  • Team building
  • Leadership coaching

It is in this area of work that we truly enjoy blending our strengths as investigators and mediators. Our approach begins with understanding the workplace environment. Through a customized assessment, we learn what people perceive to be working well, areas for improvement, and or root causes of lingering conflicts. The data we gather through a variety of methods is crucial in developing a plan to create a customized solution. Every workplace is different and there is no single solution or approach that can be used in all settings. Our processes are carefully thought through considering our clients unique needs and desired outcomes.

Industries We Work With

Professional Regulators

Healthcare Institutions

Law Firms

Educational Institutions

Municipal and Provincial Governments


Service Industries

Utility Companies

Law Enforcement Agencies