Regulatory Training Solutions


We have assembled a group of highly skilled practitioners including investigators, mediators, lawyers, human resources professionals, health care professionals, and adult education practitioners. Our combined expertise is unparalleled, and we are ready to help you or your team take it to the next level.

We work with regulators, employers, and unions to support them in providing them with the knowledge and ability to apply best practices in areas such as investigations, conflict resolution, and creating and maintaining harassment free workplaces. To see what we are offering currently, click on an area of interest below. For customized programs contact us directly Everyone who participates in one of our workshops receives this 125 page investigation manual covering everything from ethics, planning investigations, interviewing, evidence management, and much more. The manual also contains valuable tools including templates for planning, interview summaries, reports and more.

Industries We Work With

Professional Regulators

Healthcare Institutions

Law Firms

Educational Institutions

Municipal and Provincial Governments


Service Industries

Utility Companies

Law Enforcement Agencies