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Many businesses have started and grown from a single entrepreneur with a great idea to a thriving enterprise. This growth brings with it new challenges to adapt and manage the structure, people, and culture of your organization. Failing to do this can lead to serious consequences. It is important that entrepreneurs and leaders are not outgrown by their own organization. We can help through the provision of expert coaching and consulting by senior HR professionals who are passionate and dedicated to guiding your organization through this period of transition.

H2R Business Solutions provides Human Resource services to small and medium sized companies in all sectors including: tech, manufacturing, aerospace, professional services, not-for-profit, insurance & financial services, architecture & graphic design, health care, real estate, agriculture and retail industries. Their focus is on providing organizations with hands-on Human Resource expertise including the development and implementation of programs, technology and processes that ensure their clients meet their obligations as employers. Whether it is a need to outsource the entire HR function on a fractional basis or assistance with special projects such as COVID requirements, training, recruitment & retention, employee relations, employment contracts, policies & procedures, performance management, health & safety, compensation, or any other traditional HR function, H2R has their clients covered, and now, they have our clients covered!

Often an “HR audit” it is a good place to start. Perhaps you are not sure where you are with your Human Resources compliance?  H2R will conduct an audit of your policies, procedures and practices and identify areas of non-compliance with employment legislation and work with you to develop solutions to meet your key objectives.  Employment Standards Act (ESA), Health & Safety (OHSA), AODA, Training, Employment Contracts, Human Rights, Performance Management and more!

Benard + Associates will work along with H2R to ensure any projects we are engaged in will move along seamlessly with the efforts of H2R.

Jill Zappitelli is the President of H2R Business Solutions and she and her team of accredited HR professionals offer an exceptional service that we are proud to partner with. To learn more about H2R Business Solutions, please visit their website by clicking here.


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