Background Screening and Locating People

Over the years we have been asked by many of our clients to locate people of interest or to check on people's backgrounds.  In performing these services for our clients we have received a great deal of positive feedback on our success in gathering the necessary information and our rapid response. This was a service we have always been able to provide but did not typically advertise as we had our focus on other types of investigative work. With all the positive feedback and increased requests for this information, we have decided to add this service to our "menu" and we have put the staff and resources in place to continue providing efficient service delivery with the results our clients need. 

Our services are used by law firms, regulatory bodies and corporations to gain an understanding of who they are dealing with or to find the person they need to deal with. We can obtain all of the following information:

  • Locating people of interest
  • Criminal background checks
  • Asset searches
  • Credit history
  • Media searches
  • Social media presence
  • Employment history / verification
  • Education history / verification
  • Litigation history
  • Driving history

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