5 Fatal Mistakes

Avoid the Dangerous Currents

Not having the right people to do the job

The wrong choice could cost more than just money. Make sure your service providers have the right knowledge and experience. Beware of those who claim to do it all.

Not having the right solution for the problem

Every problem is unique and should be assessed for the best approach to resolve it. Investigation is not always the best plan. If your provider doesn’t understand and offer alternatives, they may not be right for you.

Allowing problems to grow rather than deal with them early

Conflict and some behaviours that are allowed to continue, grow and fester into complex and difficult situations that can be difficult to resolve. Early intervention is the key.

Not educating and empowering leaders to effectively lead

Being in a leadership role doesn’t make you a leader. Leadership is changing all the time. Educate and develop your leaders because weak leadership can be your downfall.

Biting off more than you can chew

So, you took the one-day workshop! Are you ready for anything? Probably not. Know your limitations and seek guidance and support to succeed.

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