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Confidential Whistleblower Service

A Hassle-Free Employee Reporting System

Save Your Company Money.

Save money by having fewer lawsuits, smaller bills from legal settlements, and fewer fines. 

Free Up Your Team's Time.

Free up valuable resources such as HR, Legal, and leadership. Have more time to give to proactive planning, such as strategy and HR initiatives. 

Retain Your Best Talent.

Increase employees’ trust and confidence in management, and increase your company’s retention, through a trusted reporting system.

No installation required. 

Just receive your company-specific reporting URL and dedicated phone number, and include it in your whistleblower policy.

Fixed monthly fee. 

A trusted and secure reporting system costs less than your Starbucks coffee. Same price regardless of volume. 

No internal resources needed.

Our team of dedicated experts takes care of all the details. We monitor intakes 24/7/265 and provide consultation upon appropriate follow up.