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Dean Benard, Journal of Nursing Regulation Volume 6/Issue 2 July 2015
31 July 2015

Incidents involving unlicensed practitioners are increasing across the United States and Canada, and in many jurisdictions, combating illegal practitioners falls to the regulatory body.This article describes the scope of the problem and explains methods for preventing unlicensed practice and identifying unlicensed practit...

Brent Davis, The Waterloo Region Record
8 April 2015

WATERLOO — Dean Benard and his colleagues are private eyes.

So it's all stakeouts and surveillance, disguises and dark alleys?

Once in a while, perhaps.

But more often than not, a typical day involves interviews, research and paperwork. Lots o...

Exchange Morning Post
16 October 2014

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Waterloo - October 2014 marked the 10th anniversary of local investigation firm Benard + Associates. "We are thrilled to be celebrating such a milestone and appreciate the support fr...

Benard + Associates Inc.
4 October 2014

Media Release



Local Waterloo Region investigation firm celebrates 10 years


Caitlin Nobes, Human Capital Online
1 July 2014

Employee theft can be anything from taking property like stationery or computers, to data theft and fraud. Could a few specific steps help reduce the impact on your organisation?
1. Employee screening
“The most important thing is prevention,” said Daniel Ulrich, vice-preside...


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