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In our business we are focused on understanding the root cause of issues and we get there through a variety of processes such as investigations, assessments, and mediations. These are things we are experts in but sometimes there are additional needs our clients have, which might include group facilitation, leadership coaching, and specialized educational efforts. In many cases, given the work we have done for a client, it might not be appropriate for us to be the ones who provide some of the resolution services, or the needs of the client are identified to be highly specialized. To address these needs our clients might have, we have established a strategic alliance with an amazing company, Reimagine Leadership.

Julie Dupont is the Principal Strategist and Founder of Reimagine Leadership, and her background and expertise as a Leadership Coach, Management Team Coach and Facilitator is truly remarkable. She has worked with organizations big and small all around the world including countries in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Julie is a down-to-earth, relatable, and extremely knowledgeable consultant and we are very proud to have her work with our team to provide exceptional, integrated services to our clients.

To learn more about Julie and Reimagine Leadership, please visit her website by clicking here. You can also find Julie on LinkedIn by clicking here.

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Municipal and Provincial Governments


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