FactFinders Issue #17 June 2011

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investigations_icon.jpgIssue 17, June 2011


Internet Resources for Investigators

The internet has become an important part of the investigator’s toolbox and in this edition of FactFinders we thought we would share some of the useful and interesting internet applications we have used to assist in our investigations.

The job of an investigator is to gather information and, as most of us know, the internet is a wealth of information.

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investigations_icon2.jpgBenard + Associates Opens Ottawa Office

Benard + Associates is pleased to announce the opening of our new Ottawa office. Over the years we have done a great deal of work in the Ottawa area as well as eastern and northern Ontario. Our Ottawa office positions us to increase efficiency in these regions. Sarah Marceau will be our Ottawa lead and she is looking forward to working with our existing clients and building new relationships with clients in the Ottawa area. You can reach our Ottawa location simply by calling our toll free number at 1-888-733-2226 and entering extension 706.

investigations_icon2.jpgBenard + Associates Offers Customized Educational Programs

Over the past few years Benard + Associates has been providing customized educational programs ranging from short workshops on specific investigation principles to one or two day comprehensive programs. The feedback from participants has been tremendous and these workshops are ideal for organizations that must conduct investigations such as investigating harassment allegations, health and safety issues in the workplace, professional regulatory complaints, or government agencies tasked with investigative duties. Sending staff to conferences can be very expensive and often limits an organization's ability to provide continuing education to all staff. Our solution is a customized educational program that will provide all investigative staff with the latest techniques and approaches to conducting fair, thorough and accurate investigations. In addition, we further customize our programs to suit the nature of the investigative work your staff performs. The result is a customized relevant educational program that everyone can benefit from. We invite you to contact us and learn how we may be of assistance to your organization.


Investigative Interviewing

Interviewing is arguably the most important and the most difficult aspect of investigations. Regardless of the type of investigation you are conducting you must be able to extract the information you need from those you interview.

In this webinar you will learn how to plan effectively and choose the proper strategy for your interviews, how to establish rapport with those you interview, the four key aspects of effective interviewing, dealing with challenging interviewees and many other tips to enhance your interviewing technique.

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Investigation Report Writing

The written report is the reflection of the fruits of an investigation and is arguably the most scrutinized document by all involved parties to an investigation and any subsequent hearing.

This session will look at different types of investigative reports and consider factors such as maintaining neutrality in report writing and ensuring the report is complete, accurate, and clear for the readers. We will examine the potential for concerns being raised about bias or impropriety and discuss ways to ensure our reports guard against such arguments. 

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