FactFinders Issue #24 April 2013

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investigations_icon.jpgIssue 24, April 2013

Search Warrants - Understanding the Essentials

In order to ensure regulators are effective in carrying out their investigative function, they have been granted broad powers to gather evidence, including the ability to compel sworn testimony, inspect and collect documents or objects, and observe procedures. The most invasive method available for obtaining evidence is the search warrant. Although it may be one of the most powerful tools available to investigators, it is, appropriately, the least utilized, and unfortunately, the least understood. This article covers the most important practical and procedural issues you should consider when pursuing this investigative avenue.

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investigations_icon2.jpgOne-day Workshop June 12th - Conducting Successful Investigation Interviews

       This workshop will be held at the Sheraton Centre in Toronto and will provide hands-on instructional and practical experience aimed at enhancing your investigative interviewing skills. Participants will enrich their understanding and application of interviewing techniques for dealing with all types of interviewees including complainants, respondents / subjects , third-party witnesses, victims, and those who may be uncooperative, overzealous, extremely nervous and everything in between.
The lead instructor for this workshop is Dean Benard. Dean has provided both public and private workshops and seminars for organizations such as the Ontario Provincial Police, The Council on Licensure Enforcement and Regulation (CLEAR) and the Human Resource Professionals Association. Dean has over twenty years of experience as an investigator and educator and is consistently reviewed as a dynamic, engaging and knowledgeable speaker.
The workshop will include group activities and interactive components to ensure participants have an opportunity to practice some skills and receive coaching and feedback. Real case studies will be examined and will form the basis for the practical work to be completed during the workshop. As part of the workshop materials, workshop attendees will get to take home a copy of our DVD "Investigation Interviewing - Keys to Success". Get more details.


investigations_icon2.jpgInvestigation Interviewing - Keys to Success DVD

This 1 1/2 hour DVD covers the A - Z of investigation interviewing.  With video demonstrations of interviewing scenarios and Dean's knowledge and expertise in this area of investigations, viewers will learn new techniques and strategies to enhance their interviewing skills. View a sneak peek of the DVD.


investigations_icon2.jpgDid you know?
B + A also offers Background Checks and Locate Services

       Over the years we have been asked by many of our clients to locate people of interest or to check on people's backgrounds.  In performing these services for our clients we have received a great deal of positive feedback on our success in gathering the necessary information and our rapid response. This was a service we have always been able to provide but did not typically advertise as we had our focus on other types of investigative work. With all the positive feedback and increased requests for this information, we have decided to add this service to our "menu" and we have put the staff and resources in place to continue providing efficient service delivery with the results our clients need. Read more on this service.

Learn more about Benard + Associates and how we can assist you at www.benardinc.com.

workshop_arrow.jpgUPCOMING WEBINARS

Investigation Report Writing (Corporate)

November 12, 2013

The written report is the reflection of the fruits of an investigation and is arguably the most scrutinized document by all involved parties to an investigation.

For corporate human resource investigations the goal and expectations are complex and there are many pitfalls that can become obstacles to an effective investigation report.

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Investigation Report Writing   (Regulatory)

November 20, 2013

This session will look at report writing in the regulatory arena, paying particular attention to factors such as maintaining neutrality in report writing and ensuring the report is complete, accurate, and clear for the readers. We will examine the potential for concerns being raised about bias or impropriety and discuss ways to ensure our reports guard against such arguments.

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