FactFinders Issue #25 September 2013

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investigations_icon.jpg Issue 25, September 2013

Investigation Best Practices - Eight Things to Remember

Investigation Best Practices – Eight Things to Remember

Whether you are investigating in your workplace or in relation to a regulatory matter, your investigation can go wrong in many ways. In this edition of FactFinders I want to share some best practices that I believe will assist all investigators in producing the best possible investigation product.

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investigations_icon2.jpg Continued Growth @ B+A

Benard + Associates continues to grow and the demand for our services has been very gratifying and humbling. To meet these demands we have added staff and additional structure to our team.

In June 2013 Sarah Marceau was appointed to Director of Operations. On top of her investigative responsibilities, Sarah is focused on quality assurance within Benard + Associates, educational strategies for our clients, and business development initiatives.

In July 2013 we added a new investigator to our team. Brenda Robbins has already taken on significant case work and brings a wealth of experience as a former police officer and insurance analyst.

Good teams need to keep it all together with top notch administrative management. Lakshani Kulatungam joined us in early August 2013 and brings seventeen years of legal administrative and office management experience.

We are very proud of the team we have assembled and the future is indeed bright!

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investigations_icon2.jpgGetting Ready to Celebrate 10 Years

Benard + Associates was established in October 2004. As we enter our tenth year of operations we are looking back on what we have accomplished and, more importantly, looking forward to the future.

Our business has grown in several different directions over the last several years. In addition to our primary focus on regulatory and workplace investigations, our educational programs are in high demand and our newest service of background screening and person locates is providing our clients with key infomation to aid their decsion making.

We are very proud to call Benard + Associates the premiere workplace and regulatory investigations firm in Canada.

We are planning some celebrations that will involve our clients as we thank all of those who have contributed to our success.   

Stayed tuned for future announcements!

investigations_icon2.jpgCLEAR Conference

On October 4, 2013 Dean will be speaking at the annual educational conference for the Council on Licensure Enforcement and Regulation (CLEAR).

Dean will be joined by Bonni Ellis and Marco Mendicino of Ellis, Smith, Mendicino LLP. The title of our interactive session is "Conducting Top Tier Investigations."

We will bring both practical and legal perspectives on important issues of best practice when conducting regulatory investigations. Our goal is to assit attendees of our session to build on their knowledge and produce investigations that will withstand the scrutiny they will undoubtedly receive.

To learn more about the conference click here

workshop_arrow.jpgWORKSHOPS & TRAINING

Webinar - Investigation Report Writing (Workplace)
November 12, 2013

The written report is a highly scrutinized document in workplace investigations. This one hour webinar will focus on writing the analysis and conclusionsof the investigation, including credibility assessment and tying evidence to conclusions.

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Webinar - Investigation Report Writing (Regulatory)
November 20, 2013

Regulatory investigation reports must be carefully written and avoid the insertion of opinions or conclusions by the investigator. This webinar will focus on report structure, highlighting evidence appropriately and writing style that effectively communicates key informtion to all readers of your report.

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Investigation Interviewing
One Day Workshop a Huge Success!

On June 12, 2013 we held our first full day workshop in Toronto. It was attended by over thirty enthusiastic people and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. We plan to do more workshops of this nature in the furture.

Our DVD "Investigative Interviewing - Keys to Success" covers a lot of the material from the workshop and is available by clicking here

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