Who We Are

Benard + Associates was built on the philosophy that focusing on what we do well, and being the best at what we do, will set us apart from the rest. We have stuck to this philosophy and many years later we still focus on two key areas of specialty:

  • Professional Regulation
  • Workplace Conflict
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Regulatory Solutions

Regulatory Investigations

We conduct investigations into allegations of professional misconduct, incompetence, incapacity, and illegal practice for the vast majority of Ontario’s professional regulators as well as many across Canada.

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Regulatory Complaints Resolution

Investigation is not always the answer. Our team of mediators assist clients in resolving issues and finding solutions to conflict. We also provide team building programs to assist small and medium sized teams to improve their relationships, efficiency, and productivity by eliminating or minimizing obstacles that harm the team dynamic.

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Background Screening and Locates

We have an excellent record of providing information concerning the whereabouts and financial, employment and social media backgrounds of people of interest. We provide this information to aid in legal matters before the courts or tribunals as well as for pre-employment screening purposes.

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Workplace Solutions

Workplace Investigations

Our team of workplace investigators handle cases involving allegations of harassment, bullying, discrimination – including alleged human rights violations, and violence in all types of workplaces. They also perform workplace assessments to assist in identifying the root cause of conflict or tension in a workplace.

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Human Resources Consulting with
H2R Business Solutions

Benard + Associates has formed a partnership with H2R Business Solutions. H2R has been providing human resources consulting to their clients since 2016. H2R started with 1 employee and has now grown to a team of 13. They have over 100 years of combined HR experience in all facets of HR. Often times we discover that our clients have a need for Human Resources support and assistance. This can be an underlying factor to workplace conflict, a HR policy, termination or recruitment support just to name a few. Now, because of our strategic partnership with H2R Business Solutions, we can assist our clients by linking them up with these amazing, thoughtful, and practical Human Resources experts. To learn more about H2R Business Solutions click the button below.

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Workplace Dispute Resolution

Benard + Associates offer a full range of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services that can assist parties in resolving their disputes. Workplace mediation is our particular specialty including such issues as return to work negotiations, interpersonal workplace conflict, team disputes, wrongful dismissal allegations, and labour management disputes such as grievances.

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Leadership / Team Coaching + Group Facilitation

Our analysis of workplace conflict often leads to a recommendation for Leadership Coaching, Team Coaching, and/or Group Conflict Management Facilitation. In cases where our project begins with fact finding, investigations, or mediation it may be appropriate for these services to be delivered by someone other than the investigator or mediator. We have formed a strategic alliance with Reimagine Leadership to offer our clients easy, seamless and integrated access to Leadership and Team Coaching as part of a suite of investigation, conflict resolution and restoration services.

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Education and Training

Investigation Training

We offer investigation training for regulatory investigators and human resources professionals. Our programs cover the full spectrum of investigation processes and strategies. We also offer specialized programs that focus on specific aspects of investigation.

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Investigation Coaching + Mentoring

Investigators at all levels can at times run into challenges and issues they are not familiar with. The two day course does not prepare everyone to effectively and confidently manage all situations. There are times when an investigator or an organization could benefit from an “investigation coach”.

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Conflict Resolution Workshops

We assist managers, human resources professionals, and union leaders to enhance their ability to identify, prevent, and resolve conflict.

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Anti-Harassment Training

The issue of harassment and sexual harassment is a serious concern that is receiving significant media attention. While this issue isn’t new, there is heightened awareness which has created a greater onus on employers to prevent harassment of all kinds. It isn’t good enough to react to events after the fact. We must challenge the status quo and educate everyone on the issues and how to address them and prevent them. We have been ahead of the curve on these topics for many years with our exceptional programs and workshops.

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Industries We Work With

Professional Regulators

Educational Institutions

Service Industries

Healthcare Institutions

Municipal and Provincial Governments

Utility Companies

Law Firms


Law Enforcement Agencies