Workplace Dispute Resolution


Benard + Associates offer a full range of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services that can assist parties in resolving their disputes. Workplace mediation is our particular specialty including such issues as return to work negotiations, interpersonal workplace conflict, team disputes, wrongful dismissal allegations, and labour management disputes such as grievances. Regardless of the issue we can assist the parties in finding mutually satisfactory resolutions.

Members of the Benard + Associates ADR team have extensive experience in dispute resolution and we assist organizations to provide mediation and facilitation services to the public, members of a profession or employees of an organization. Dean Benard is a Chartered Mediator and he is often called upon when situations are critical and timely intervention is necessary. Dean has a team of mediators who are highly skilled in finding unique and creative solutions to often complex disputes. The mediation team at Benard + Associates looks forward to assisting you with your conflict resolution needs.


Often when people think about mediation they see three people in a room with two of them arguing and the third person trying to keep the peace. While this scenario is possible, our vision of mediation is far more civilized. Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process where parties in dispute work with a neutral third party (mediator) to resolve their issues. The focus is on communication and assisting the people in dispute to develop THEIR solution. The mediator is there to facilitate that process.

Workplace Restoration / Team Building Services

Benard + Associates provides workplace restoration and team building services to many clients from a diverse cross section of workplace settings. The intent of workplace restoration services is to:

  • Assist teams in identifying and building on their strengths
  • Help them manage workplace challenges in a manner that creates positivity and growth
  • Develop or restore respectful workplace relationships

Industries We Work With

Professional Regulators

Healthcare Institutions

Law Firms

Educational Institutions

Municipal and Provincial Governments


Service Industries

Utility Companies

Law Enforcement Agencies