Professional Decision Writing

Posted - April 14, 2016

Benard + Associates is pleased to offer a new service to complement the investigation and mediation services we currently offer our regulatory clients. As part of the spectrum of complaint resolution, Benard + Associates is now offering professional decision writing services to assist our clients in resolving matters in a timely manner.

Sarah Marceau, one of our long time investigators and the Director of our Nova Scotia office, currently provides decision writing assistance to a few regulatory colleges in Ontario. While many of you are likely familiar with Sarah’s investigative skills, as a former professional writer and editor, Sarah also has a strong reputation for preparing clear, concise, and objective reports that help committees understand the issues under investigation and reach decisions. Sarah has also used these skills to help committees prepare the decisions and reasons issued to the complaint parties.

Sarah can draft your committee’s decisions to ensure they accurately reflect the committee’s discussions, the evidence considered, and your standards of practice. While following your preferred format, Sarah also ensures proper language is used to document the committee’s reasons, thereby helping to ensure the decision is defensible and will withstand third party scrutiny. Sarah understands the importance of decisions appropriately reflecting the committee’s role and jurisdiction, including outlining the evidence that supports the committee’s decision and explaining why countering evidence was not sufficient to warrant a different decision. Sarah’s experience in writing decisions also helps ensure consistency across decisions, even when new committees are struck.