The “We’ve Seen a Thing or Two” Newsletter

Posted - May 8, 2020

We decided it was time to get back to publishing an informative and helpful newsletter for our clients, prospective clients, and our colleagues. So here it is…the “We’ve Seen a Thing or Two” Newsletter. Some of you might recall that we used to publish a bimonthly newsletter called FactFinders. We stopped a couple of years ago due to a technical problem with our service provider who lost our entire mailing list. To be honest, it was frustrating, as we had a list of well over a thousand subscribers. The thought of starting over and rebuilding our following was not appealing. However, as they say, time heals all wounds. So here we are with a new name, and new look. We sincerely hope you will enjoy this newsletter

Why “We’ve Seen a Thing or Two”? Well, there is often no replacement for experience and time. We have seen a thing or two, and learned a thing or two. Our experiences, what we have learned from them, and the amazing people we have worked with over the years has helped us grow and become one of the largest specialized investigation and mediation companies in Canada. It is important to be a contributor and give back, so this is one way we can do that, and help others benefit from our experience.

We plan to publish monthly, and we will cover many topics of interest in relation to Regulatory and Workplace investigation, conflict resolution, and policy design. We will share additional educational opportunities and do our best to keep you up to date in the world of regulatory and workplace investigations. Click here for a link to sign up!